In brief, you should know the following about us: Operating Partners NZ Ltd was established in 2010 and has been providing Business, Energy and Facilities Management Services in the international market ever since.

The company is not just a consulting firm. We rapidly become part of our customers team to provide the desired results.

We are hands-on and engage with our customers, management and local operating teams. We like to listen, to analyse to solve real operating issues and provide the desired outcomes.

… We Unlock Value!

We have worked for our clients in:-
New Zealand (Auckland, Palmerston North,  Christchurch and Wellington)
The Bahamas, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States of America and China.

Op•er•a•ting Part•ner [op-uh-rey-ting pahrt-ner] Noun
1. Independent advisors or direct hires with relevant industry or functional capability (e.g. office of CEO, CFO, sales, engineering, maintenance, facilities, manufacturing, etc.);
2. Contract employees, identified based on subject matter expertise, that work alongside management teams to identify, create and deliver operational value:
3. External resource(s) retained by private investment firm to provide consulting and / or short term support to their investment portfolio companies.

Operating Partners (New Zealand) Limited is affiliated with Operating Partners Pte Ltd, with its head office in Singapore and web address

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