Benchmarking gives indicative comparison between properties, manufacturing plants, production lines.

Benchmarking quality depends on comparator fit and accuracy of information/data.

Typical comparators used:- Square metres, Product count per hour, Product weight per hour, Product weight per unit input.

Properties able to share contract and costing structure/information - Contractors pricing strategy.

Indicates Best Practice. Indicates anomaly properties, plants, production lines.

Compares contracted costs with year-end financials (P&L Actuals).

Knowledge is Power during tender evaluation or price negotiation.

Assists review & approval of Facilities/Maintenance contracts.

Helps identify opportunities for efficiency gains and Cost Savings.

Identify properties/plants that may be under investing in preventative maintenance – not protecting stakeholders assets.

In excel spreadsheets we can benchmark your businesses based on data sources (ie P&Ls, Contracts, Production Reports, Occupancy Reports) and produce tabulated reports which include statistical norms and what businesses are outside them and/or graphs such as those in the examples below.

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