Energy and water are typically the biggest controllable costs in any hotel or resort.
Energy and water cost savings flow through to the bottom line in the P&L and are repeatable year after year. Generally it is easier to increase profits by implementing energy and water saving initiatives than by increasing market share.

Does your hotel have potential to make savings by implementing energy and water saving initiatives?

Operating Partners can benchmark hotel utility consumption to International Standards and show the excess amounts being paid for and what these potential savings are in US dollar terms.

We can sent you a MS Office spreadsheet for your hotel Engineering and Finance Teams to fill in with two years of data. Once checked send the completed spreadsheet back to us. We will; check the data and ask questions if needed, run and refine the benchmarking, show the excess consumption in SI units (GJ/sqm, cum/guest) or if you want kWh/sqm or kWh/sqft, gallons/guest and provide a benchmarking estimate of the potential US dollar cost saving.

A 5 page report will be provided in PDF format, in higher quality imagery to the examples shown.

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